Minimalistic and lightweight World of Warcraft user interface.

Tukui License

Copyright 2009-2024 https://tukui.org

The contents of this addon, excluding third-party resources, are copyrighted to their authors with all rights reserved.

Authors of this addon hereby grant you the following rights:

  • You may NOT make any modification inside this addon. If you want to create your own edited version, please create it from outside.
  • Do not modify the name of this addon, including the addon folders.
  • Do not include this AddOn with any edited version, a user of this AddOn must always download this addon from tukui.org or one of compatible clients.
  • This copyright notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

Earlier versions were released under terms that did not require permission, but due to the actions of certain unscrupulous distributors, I have chosen to license all versions over v9 under stricter terms.

All rights not explicitly addressed in this license are reserved by the copyright holders.

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